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About Us

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Mitti was born out of a vision to provide a safe space for artists to create without any barriers or judgements. A space which is their safe haven. Creator at and of mitti, Kosha Shah envisions to nurture a community for artists, ceramists, designers & creators.

Mitti is all about coming back to your roots. At the root of every being is creativity. It’s a safe space where people can create without any barriers or judgement. 


The mission of mitti is to create a collective space that artists, designers, ceramists can rent to work out from and collaborate with each other. The goal is to create a strong community and provide a converging space for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. A space to dream and grow,

Mitti is what you make of it.


Our space has individual work-desks, community table, a ceramic studio retrofitted with a kiln, wi-fi, and a fully loaded coffee/tea cart.


Studio Hours:

10 am - 6pm


Shut on Sundays

( we need a break too :) )


Mitti is pet friendly. :)

Have questions?
Contact us or just come down to the space:)

26/B, Santosh Bhuvan, 19A rd

Anand Vihar Society, Khar west

Mumbai - 52

Tel: +91 9820193663

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